Alltech launches carbon cutting, profit lifting E-CO2 program

A NEW service is now available to improve farm efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Alltech E-CO2 provides on-farm environmental assessments and programs for producers, processors, retailers and governments to measure and reduce the emissions associated with producing agricultural products.

LOOKING AHEAD: The future of profitable agriculture is tied to solutions that benefit animals, consumers and the environment says Alltech E-CO2 coordinator Dr Susanne Roth.

Alltech E-CO2 coordinator Dr Susanne Roth said the future of agriculture depended on solutions that were beneficial to the animal, consumer and environment.

“We believe passionately that reducing the environmental impact of agriculture involves simultaneously delivering value to the farmer,” Dr Roth said.

“Using analytical tools of Alltech E-CO2, we are able to work alongside producers to make gains in their herds’ efficiency and their farms’ profitability, all while lowering their carbon footprint.

“Today’s producers do not need to make a choice between profitability and sustainability. Alltech E-CO2‘s data proves they can achieve both.”

UK headquartered Alltech E-CO2 has developed a portfolio of environmental software and services in response to the need to further understand and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture and the food chain.

Its clients range from small family farms to integrated livestock operations and commercial feed mills, as well as large retailers and processors increasingly under pressure to reduce their environmental footprint and meet government and corporate sustainability.

Recent environmental assessments conducted by Alltech E-CO2 on 58 dairy and 11 beef units in Europe has shown how farm efficiency improvements can boost profitability whilst also reducing the carbon footprint of the enterprise.

In the study various herd efficiency improvements delivered an average of A$358 extra per cow per year for dairy and A$66 extra per head per day for beef, and there was a significant drop in carbon emissions.

Susanne Roth Ph.D.
Alltech E-CO2 Co-ordinator

Article from QLD Country Life, view website HERE