About Us

At Alltech, we have pioneered the use of on-farm environmental tools and assessments to provide opportunities to benchmark and improve efficiency, leading towards increased profitability and sustainability. From individual farms to multinational organisations, Alltech’s accredited E-CO2 service provides a comprehensive range of advice, tools and services to help measure and improve environmental performance.

To date, we have carried out more than 15,000 assessments using our unique on-farm approach. Each assessment captures information across the entire farm business to provide a detailed benchmark report, together with practical advice to improve farm efficiency. Those improvements have a positive impact on farm economics while also reducing the environmental impact.

Lowering a farm’s carbon footprint goes hand-in-hand with increasing farm efficiency and, therefore, profitability.

Independently assessed and internationally verified

Alltech works with the Carbon Trust to accredit our range of bespoke assessment tools. This ensures products and services provided through Alltech E-CO2 are independently assessed and internationally verified.