Our Approach

Possessing a wide range of expertise, Alltech E-CO2 has established successful solutions for both livestock and arable farms. Designed for farmers, our practical four-step approach is tailored to each farm and provides opportunities to benchmark against other producers and improve farm efficiency.

Alltech E-CO2’s certified environmental assessments capture a wealth of in-depth data on animal production, health, feed, fertiliser, water, energy and resource use. Clear and concise information is delivered via reports and online programmes for producers and industry, together with on-farm consultancy advice.

Alltech E-CO2 currently offers the following environmental assessments (EA) focused on carbon reduction and farm efficiency:

  • Dairy EA™
  • Beef EA™
  • Poultry EA™ (Layers, Broilers, Turkey, Pullets, Hatchery, Breeder)
  • Pig EA™
  • Crop EA™
  • Lamb EA™
  • Goat EA™
  • Feeds EA™ (Focusing on animal feed production)
  • Process EA™ (For individual processed product footprints and facilities such as feed mills, packing centres and abattoirs)
  • Capture EA™ (Above ground sequestration potential)

Our Projects