Alltech E-CO2 EA software in Canadian Beef development

The demand for sustainable beef in Canada has grown in recent years, which has led to the need to adapt current farming practices to more efficient methods of production.

A Canadian version of our software is currently being developed to meet the demand.

Andrew Wynne, joint Business General Manager of Alltech E-CO2, visited 5 Canadian farms earlier this month. Andrew carried out Alltech E-CO2 Beef EA assessments, with the aim for the service to be readily available to farmers throughout Canada in the near future.

Data was recorded from 3 ‘feed lot’ farms which had an average of 2000 cattle and 2 cow calf operations who were running at 60 cows each. The farms visited were all members of the Beef Farmers of Ontario (BFO) group. BFO are the leading organisation in Ontario, working with beef farmers to develop and support the growth of the Canadian beef industry, both sustainably and profitably.

The BFO farmers will each receive an Alltech E-CO2 Beef EA efficiency and sustainability report. These reports will highlight areas where the farmer has potential to increase their farm efficiency, reduce their carbon footprint and increase their profitability.