Swift-EA™ Carbon Footprint Tool Launched at Livestock Event to Meet Growing Demand

Alltech E-CO2 is extending its range of environmental assessment services for livestock farmers with the introduction at the 2015 Livestock Event of the Swift-EA™ tool.

Offering a more concise approach than the company’s well-established in-depth EA assessment models, Swift-EA allows farmers to obtain an overview of their environmental performance and is designed for use as a stand-alone tool or in conjunction with existing data collection services such as a Farm Assurance audit.

As Alltech E-CO2 Business General Manager Ben Braou explained, the Swift-EA assessment tool has been developed at a time of increasing interest from farmers and their first purchasers in the environmental impact of agriculture.

“We know that as much as 85% of the greenhouse gases generated in food production come from the farm, so there is great pressure on the farming industry to play a significant role in the drive to reduce emissions.

“We are already seeing many food processors and retailers using environmental footprint assessments with their farmer suppliers, and we can only see this increasing.

“The good news for livestock farmers is that a reduced carbon footprint is inextricably linked to increased farm efficiency and profitability, so having a focus on this area – and understanding the areas where improvements can be made – is all contributing to overall farming sustainability.”

Ben Braou believes all farmers should consider environmental assessments as part of their on-going business management, and especially before making any significant changes to the business scale or structure.

“At a time when dairy farmers may be reacting to the removal of milk quotas, we would urge any that are looking to expand or change their approach to use environmental assessments to aid their decision-making,” he added.

“An environmental assessment really will reveal the strengths and weaknesses of the business, some of which may otherwise remain hidden, and can be very beneficial in providing guidance on future direction.”

The Alltech E-CO2 Swift-EA assessment tools are available in formats for dairy and beef farms as well as pig, broiler, turkey and egg producers.